Au bout du plongeoir was founded in 2005 by: Dominique Chrétien / artistic and cultural director Mirabelle Fréville / lm programmer Benoît Gasnier / theatre director Cédric Gourmelon / theatre director Renaud Herbin / puppeteer Dominique Launat / psychologist Olivier Maurin / theatre director François Possémé / musician and artistic director Nathalie Travers / exhibition curator.

Since its creation this experimental venture has been working out of the Domaine de Tizé (a country house with 20 hectares of forest and grassland on the banks of the river Vilaine). The site is in the heart of Rennes Metropole.

In a democracy nothing is carved in stone:
the future, whether individual or collective, is up for constant reinvention…

This is why Au bout du plongeoir is working on a «Platform for Meeting and Creating» based on the shared ideas behind the association’s founding. The underlying principles are:
– art as a crucial eld for the exercise of the imagination and creativity
– the importance of experimentation:

new artistic procedures
new ties between art and society
new relationships between the work of art, its circulation and the its target audience.

In this context there is a clear need for artists to have the appropriate resources – time, workspaces, materials and equipment – and for us to generate contact between artists, other experimenters and the public.

And so, with a view to putting the «Platform for Meeting and Creating» into action, we have formulated the following collective aims:
To support and assist artists
To cater for experimental approaches
To help young artists start out
To assist artists with the preparation of works
To break down the barriers between thought and action
To foster closer relations between artists, other experimenters and the public
To create venues for dialogue and exchange of ideas
To explore relationships with different spaces
To make Tizé an authentic living environment To offer «time out»
To be receptive to our local context, to Europe and to the World

You may choose to associate with and/or give further support to this project by joining Au bout du plongeoir. In addition to seeing you at Domaine de Tizé events and having your help with the economy of the project, we would be pleased to hear your ideas about participating and cooperating – in ways you are free to suggest – in the life of a project intended to be as different as it is ambitious.